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Deeply rooted in the DIY ethos, RIG TIME! is a viciously passionate and determined ensemble with a strong work ethic and a vital purpose. Forged in the fires of hardcore and sludge, embracing the groove of nu-metal and doom, RIG TIME! has performed 350+ shows in 39 states and Canada since 2015. The band has relentlessly toured across the US holding true to the idea of "All Ages Or Nothing" by performing at only all ages events and resonating their substantial live sound and stressing the message that live music is for all to share. Vocalist/Drummer Bryan W. Fleming “...offers relentless rhythms with industrial precision as well as a smart beat changing sensibility” and Guitarist/Bassist Rebecca Fleming's “...guitar is mean, saturated and dogmatically singular.” Outburn Magazine declared, also noting “...for fans of earlier, angrier Godflesh." New Noise Magazine said “Puncturing their blend of sludge and hardcore – with a tight embrace on powerviolence – the band kicks fast and dirgy tones, manifesting unbridled hatred.” and likened RIG TIME! to heavyweights Xibalba and Harm’s Way. RIG TIME! executes a fierce live performance with precise and fearless transitions, always at astonishingly vulgar decibels. These two performers exhibit the force of a full band as they implement a complete Vocal/Guitar/Bass/Synth performance without backing tracks, never suppressing their magnitude of raw energy and emotion. They are set to release a follow up to 2017's "War" (on Innerstrength Records) with both a brand new EP and full length via State Of Mind Records in 2021.


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